Record Power TS250C





This innovative table saw has been designed to provide the serious home cabinet or furniture maker with a solid, accurate and versatile machine in a compact form. Boasting many features only found on much more expensive table saws, this machine offers real value for money without compromising quality or flexibility.

On the Inside

Not all machines are the same. Whilst looking impressive from the outside, it is what’s on the inside that really counts and Record Power table saws are much more heavily made than competition at the same price. Make sure you research alternatives thoroughly and look inside if you can.


Right Hand Extension: Right Hand Extension

Wheel Kit: Wheel Kit

Sliding Beam: Sliding Beam

Blade Tilt up to 45º: Blade Tilt up to 45º

Cast Iron Table: Cast Iron Table

Cast Iron Fence Mount: Cast Iron Fence Mount

Fence Micro-Adjustment: Fence Micro-Adjustment

Cast Iron Saw Unit: Cast Iron Saw Unit

Maximum Blade Size: 250 mm

Blade Bore: 30 mm

Blade Speed: 4000 rpm

Maximum Rip Capacity: 305 mm

Maximum Rip with Right Hand Extension: 610 mm

Sliding Carriage Stroke: 620 mm

Blade Tilt: 0 - 45º

Maximum Depth of Cut 90º: 80 mm

Maximum Depth of Cut 45º: 56 mm

Table Height from Floor: 890 mm

Motor: 2 hp

Weight: 110 kg

Size: H1090 x W1330 x D910 mm